Best Eyelash Extensions in Utah

Eyelash Extensions Utah


Hi I have been in the beauty business for over 15 years ranging from hair, nails makeup,  permanent makeup, and eyelash extensions.  I have an eye for detail and want to make everything look perfect.  I make sure the lashes look straight and full.  I am a perfectionist and will take the time with you to make sure you look great.  The adhesive that I use is the strongest you can buy.  It last 8 weeks.  Most of the adhesives last 4-6 weeks.  I also use minky lashes because they look natural and are light weight. I have a variety of sizes too.  Eyelash extension in Utah have become very popular. You will not have to wear mascara anymore either.


For a full set it takes 3 hour to do.  A full set is $149  Some people like the longer lashes  to start in the middle and slowly get smaller.  Others like the longest lashes on the outer edge of your eyes.  This gives you a cat-eye effect.


Cat eye lashes cost $99.  It takes 2 hours to do.  I start in the middle of your eye with a medium size then go longer on the outer edges.  This looks beautiful too.


Touchups are $40


Extreme touchups are $75


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Why permanent makeup looks awesome with eyelash extensions


When you get eyelash extensions, you’re not supposed to wear mascara.  It looks awesome to have permanent eyeliner makeup with your eyelash extensions.  When you get the eyeliner I also do in between your lashes which makes them look really full.  You will not see skin in between the lashes any more.  It looks so good together.  Your eyes will also stand out more.  You do not want eyelash extensions and then see skin in between the lashes, it looks funny.  Using an eyeliner pencil afterwards has to be oil free and may cause some of the lashes to fall off.  So if you get your eyeliner done it will make it much easier and look so good.  My clients that have done both absolutely love it!






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